User registration and login

User authorisation for the Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform is managed using the ESA Earth Observation Users' Single Sign On. Users will need to register with the EO-SSO (see step 2) before being able to login to the PTEP platform.

1 - The PTEP landing page

Users who already have an EO-SSO account and have registered an account with PTEP should click on 'Sign In Here' and enter their EO-SSO details accordingly to login directly (see step 3).

Landing page

Users who have an EO-SSO account but have not registered an account with PTEP should also click on 'Sign In Here' and follow instructions to register their account as described in steps 3 onwards.

2 - EO-SSO account registration

Users with no EO-SSO account should click 'New User Registration' on the Polar TEP landing page and follow instructions. This may open in a separate browser window or tab. Please note: To use it with Polar TEP, your EO-SSO username needs to be between 4 and 20 characters long and include only alphanumeric characters and . _ -.

EO-SSO registration

You will receive an email from ESA confirming that your EO-SSO account is registered and active.

Once you've received the notification email about your activated account, you can log in using the login form on the landing page (see step 1).

3 - EO-SSO login

After clicking 'Sign In Here', users will be redirected to the EO-SSO page where login details should be entered. Once accepted you will be redirected back to the PTEP portal.

Users already registered with PTEP will now be logged in and their user name will display at the top-right of the screen.

Users who are not already registered will be directed back to the PTEP portal as described in step 4 below.

EO-SSO login

4 - Confirm user details and accept terms and conditions

Users with a valid EO-SSO account, but who are not registered with the PTEP platform will be prompted to enter some personal details and to accept the PTEP terms and conditions.

Once these are complete and submitted, a notification is sent to the PTEP platform administrator informing them of your request to register your account on the PTEP platform.

5 - P-TEP Portal - Your registration email

After submitted your account request (step 4), you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your request to register on the PTEP platform.

PTEP registration

6 - P-TEP Portal - Your registration email

You will be notified once your account is approved and activated by the PTEP Administrator.

PTEP activation

7 - Your PTEP account is now active.

Your PTEP account is now active and from now on you can login using your EO-SSO credentials by clicking on 'Sign In Here' from the portal front page (see step 1).