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Polar TEP Service Offering

The portfolio of Polar TEP services is listed in the table below.

If you are a research, development or pre-commercial user, you can benefit from ESA’s Network of Resources sponsorship

1. Machine Learning Environment

The Polar TEP machine learning platform provides a full stack of services needed to manage the entire lifecycle of data - from storage with the world's most scalable Hadoop distribution and its unique metadata architecture HopsFS, to integration of popular distributed processing frameworks such as Apache Spark and Apache Flink, to rich APIs and integration of popular machine learning libraries such as TensorFlow and PyTorch for developing machine learning applications and pipelines. Furthermore, the platform provides a multi-tenant security model based on the abstractions of projects and datasets.

Once a processor has been trained in the machine learning environment, it can be ported to Polar TEP's processor execution environment for routine operational processing.

PTEP-ML Polar TEP Machine Learning Environment €1,500/Month

2. Processor Development Environment

Polar TEP provides two paths to support processor development:

  • A customized VM with all necessary software tools and libraries for development. Various configurations and languages are available upon request.
  • An Interactive Development Environment (IDE) based on Jupyter Notebooks.
PTEP-DE Small Polar TEP Development Environment Small €550/Month
2 CPUs 8 GB RAM 32 GB SSD Python Language
PTEP-DE Medium Polar TEP Development Environment Medium €650/Month
4 CPUs 32 GB RAM 128 GB SSD Python Language
PTEP-DE Large Polar TEP Development Environment Large €750/Month
8 CPUs 64 GB RAM 256 GB SSD Python Language
PTEP-DE Int Polar TEP Development Environment Interactive €550/Month
Jupyter Notebooks

3. Processor Execution Environment

Polar TEP provides built-in processors, or users can develop their own (in the Polar TEP Development Environment or in the user's own environment) and implement them in the Polar TEP Processor Execution Environment through the use of Docker containers. A JSON definition file specifies user inputs and defaults for the processor that will be displayed in the processor's user interface. Processors can be used privately or shared with other users.

In the execution environment, processors have access to computation resources that scale dynamically with demand. Processors can be invoked manually through the user interface, or automatically for batch processing (processing of large data collections) or triggered processing (processing invoked as new data is received).

Two levels of access to the Processor Execution Environment are available and the first three months are free.

PTEP-EE Trial Polar TEP Execution Environment 3 Month Trial Free for 3 months
Up to 500 CPU hours of processing time per month.
PTEP-EE Standard Polar TEP Execution Environment Standard €500/Month
Up to 500 CPU hours of processing time per month.
PTEP-EE Large Polar TEP Execution Environment Large €1000/Month
Up to 1000 CPU hours of processing time per month.

4. Application Hosting Environment

For users who want to host their own applications on a VM within the Polar TEP environment, three sizes are available. Other configurations are available upon request. Ports can be opened for external communications.

PTEP-HE Small Polar TEP Hosting Environment Small €550/Month
PTEP-HE Medium Polar TEP Hosting Environment Medium €650/Month
4 CPUs 32 GB RAM 128 GB SSD
PTEP-HE Large Polar TEP Hosting Environment Large €750/Month
8 CPUs 64 GB RAM 256 GB SSD

5. Additional Data Storage

Polar TEP Processor Development and Application Hosting Environments come with data storage. If additional storage is required, three types are available.

PTEP-DS SSD Polar TEP Hosting Environment Small €100/TB/Month
Solid State Storage
PTEP-DS HDD Polar TEP Additional Data Storage HDD €50/TB/Month
Magnetic Storage
PTEP-DS OS Polar TEP Additional Data Storage Object €30/TB/Month
Object Storage

6. Processor Integration Support Service

Integration of processors into the Polar TEP Execution Environment is documented and examples are provided. If addition support is required, two levels are available.

PTEP-IS Smal Polar TEP Integration Support Service Small €5,000
Suitable for most processors (up to 5 days of effort)
PTEP-IS Large Polar TEP Integration Support Service Large €9,000
Processor with complex processing chains and external data sources (up to 10 days of effort)

7. Polar Data Management Support Service

The Polar TEP team includes the world-class expertise on all aspects of the management and use of polar data. They can provide advice to groups struggling with concepts and issues such as:

  • The polar data ecosystem
  • Ethically Open, FAIR, and CARE data principles
  • Federated search
  • Data publication, DOIs, and metadata
  • Vocabularies and semantics
  • Data interoperability standards and formats
  • Data processing tools and techniques such as machine learning and data cubes
PTEP-DM Polar TEP Data Management Support Service €1,000/day

Polar TEP Terms & Conditions

Polar TEP GDPR Statement


The Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform (Polar TEP) is provided by Polar View ApS. Polar TEP is subject to the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Protection of personal data is very important to Polar View. Polar View implements appropriate measures to preserve the rights of data subjects, to ensure the processing of personal data is for specified and legitimate purposes as necessary for the purposes for which the personal data were collected or for which they are further processed, and to ensure the processing occurs in conditions that protect the confidentiality, integrity and safety of personal data.

This notice is intended to inform you, as a Data Subject, about:

  • the identity of the Data Controller and contact details for the Polar View Data Protection Officer (DPO);
  • the type of personal data which is collected and processed;
  • the modalities of collection of personal data;
  • the purpose of the collection and processing;
  • the recipients (if any) to whom the personal data of the data subject shall be disclosed;
  • the time-limits for storing the personal data;
  • the practical modalities of exercising the rights of the data subject under GDPR.
Who is the Data Controller?

Polar View decides which personal data are collected and further processed. Thus, the Data Controller is Polar View.

What are the contact details of the Polar View Data Protection Officer?

Your first point of contact concerning personal data matters is the Polar View Data Protection Officer (DPO), who may be contacted at

What kind of personal data about you are collected and further processed?

The personal data which may be collected and further processed for the purposes mentioned below are in particular:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Organisation
  • Organisation geographical location
  • Information in connection with your use of Polar View websites and data platforms, such as information in server logs, including information on how the platform was used by you, your search queries, IP (internet protocol) address and data about your system activity, hardware settings, browser settings, date and time of your request.
  • Cookies
  • Other information that you provide, and which may directly or indirectly identify you.
How are your personal data collected or further processed?

Your personal data may be collected by various means, including via registration at the Polar TEP website and your website usage.

Why are your personal data collected and further processed?

Your personal data are collected and further processed so that Polar View can:

  • provide you access to, and enable the use of Polar TEP;
  • improve your user experience and customise this experience to your needs;
  • send you notifications in connection with the status of Polar TEP and your use of it;
  • keep you informed about the status of your account resources and bill you for those services that you invoke that have a cost;
  • communicate news regarding Polar TEP; and
  • conduct surveys and gather user feedback.
To whom might we disclose your personal data?

Polar View will not disclose nor sell your personal data to any third parties.

How long do we retain your personal data for?

Polar View may keep your personal data for as long as necessary for the fulfilment of the purposes mentioned above. Your Personal Data will be deleted thereafter.

How can you erase, rectify, complete or amend your personal data?

Polar View is committed to collecting and processing accurate personal data and to keeping it up to date.

You may request the erasure, rectification, completion or amendment of your personal data if, and to the extent that, it is inaccurate or incomplete, or if they are processed in violation of the principles of the GDPR.

If you choose to make a request for the erasure of personal data, you understand and agree that the data will not be retrievable at a later date, and that it will result in the deletion of your Polar TEP account.

The request should be submitted to the Polar View DPO by sending an email to:

What could you do in case of a data protection incident?

In case of a data protection incident, you should contact the Polar View DPO by sending an email to:

Polar TEP Terms and Conditions

The Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform (Polar TEP) is a site on which registered users can upload and download content and process information. Users are responsible for knowing their rights and responsibilities, and for ensuring the appropriateness of how they use the site.

As a user of Polar TEP, you agree to abide by these guidelines. Failure to do so may result in termination of access.

You may use Polar TEP only for purposes in line with the objectives of supporting polar research and operations in the polar regions.

You may not use Polar TEP in any way which is in breach of any applicable local, national, or international law.

You are to be the only individual to access your account and will not knowingly permit access by others without written approval. You shall not divulge or share login information, such as passwords. You are responsible for notifying the Polar TEP administrator in a timely manner if your account password is compromised.

You shall not attempt to access any data or programs contained on systems for which you do not have authorisation from the owner of the data or processor.

Polar TEP systems and resources are subject to monitoring and recording, and you will have no expectation of privacy in any use of the systems.

You are responsible for using the computing systems, resources and facilities in an efficient and effective manner.

You shall not engage in activities that compromise or weaken the security of Polar TEP systems.

You are required to report any security weaknesses in the systems or any IT security incidents, including misuse or violation of this agreement, to the Polar TEP administrator.

You are required to access Polar TEP only from remote systems that are safe from malicious programs and activity.

You shall not use Polar TEP in such a way as to violate intellectual property rights.

Significant content on Polar TEP is user generated and it is not possible to provide assurance to the accuracy, relevance or usefulness of information published by users.

You have the responsibility for assuring the appropriateness of any information you post. Fraudulent, harassing, obscene, or sexually explicit language or materials are inappropriate and will not be tolerated. The collaborative tools are not moderated, but if an issue is brought to our attention, we reserve the right to remove any content that you have posted which is deemed inappropriate and take actions against you. You have the ability and responsibility to notify the Polar TEP administrator of inappropriate content posted by others.

You shall not imply, suggest, or indicate incorrectly that Polar View is responsible for any content emanating from or stored at or on Polar TEP.

About Polar TEP

Polar View Earth Observation Limited (Polar View) is developing a Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform (Polar TEP) for the European Space Agency (ESA). Polar TEP will provide polar researchers with access to computing resources, earth observation (EO) and other data, and software tools in the cloud. This new approach will remove the need to transfer large EO data sets around the world, while increasing the analytical power available to researchers and operational service providers.

In the traditional workflow for the analysis of earth observation (EO) data, users download the data to their local site and then process it using their available software and computing resources. With the increasing volume of data available from missions such as Sentinel, and the resulting need for powerful computing resources for processing, the existing methods of working are inefficient and restrict the use of EO data.

ESA’s Thematic Exploitation Platform (TEP) concept aims to provide a working environment where users can access algorithms and data remotely, providing them with computing resources and tools that they might not otherwise have, and avoiding the need to download and store large volumes of data. This new way of working will encourage wider exploitation of EO data.

EO is especially import in the polar regions at a time when climate change is having a profound impact and excitement about new economic opportunities is driving increased attention and traffic, resulting in concerns about the state of the region’s delicate ecosystems. Developing tools to model, understand and monitor these changes is vitally important in order to better predict and mitigate the resulting global economic and environmental consequences.

Polar View Earth Observation Limited is developing a TEP for ESA that will be customized for polar research and operational needs. Polar View brings a team to this project that combines a unique mix of polar domain experts, scientists, operational service providers, ICT experts, and user representatives. Polar TEP will integrate data discovery and access for a rich set of polar themed EO and complimentary datasets, a scalable computing environment, a suite of analytical tools and the ability for users to supply their own models, plus tools to allow sharing of results and promote collaboration. These resources will be accessed through a web portal.

The platform architecture will be open, scalable and independent of any specific IT infrastructure. This approach will allow easy expansion of the platform’s capabilities, and encourage the development of a wider network of other thematic exploitation platforms.

Contact Polar TEP

For any enquiries relating to Polar TEP, please contact us at:

For information about registering as a user, please see instructions at...